Our v3 API is now available! Learn more by visiting the v3 developer portal. Creating new v2 API keys is no longer supported.

How to Launch

The Constant Contact team is passionate about supporting apps that have integrated with Constant Contact and integrations that help our customers. Become a Technology Partner and we’ll help you get your app or integration in front of our small business audience.

  1. Partner with Us

    • Make your software more valuable by integrating with Constant Contact, or build a new integration with our easy-to-use tools. Partner benefits include dedicated account management, co-marketing opportunities, and premium developer support. Learn more.
  2. Reach Our Customers

    • MarketPlace is our customers’ go-to place for apps, integrations, and services. Partners are welcome to list their app or integration in MarketPlace for free. Learn more.

  3. Socialize It!

    • Introduce your app or integration in Constant Contact’s community site. Promote your integration on blogs and social media networks. Describe what the integration does, how small businesses and nonprofits benefit from it.