Our v3 API is now available! Learn more by visiting the v3 developer portal. Creating new v2 API keys is no longer supported.

Available v2 API Endpoints and Methods

The Constant Contact v2 API currently provides access to the following top level resources:

  • Account Management - For Partners - create, update, cancel Constant Contact accounts.
  • Partner Webhooks - Get notifications when accounts under your partnership change billing tiers.
  • Account Services - Get and update account related information.
  • Contact Management
    • Contacts - Get, create,and update contacts.
    • Contact Lists - groups of contacts used for distributing marketing campaigns.
    • Contact Tracking - access statistics used to track a specific contacts response to marketing campaigns.
  • Email Campaigns - a marketing campaign using email messages distributed to contact lists.
  • Event Management - Get, create, edit, delete, publish and cancel EventSpot events.
  • My Library
    • Library Folders - retrieve, create, delete, move Library folders.
    • Library Files - manage Library files, including documents, spreadsheets, photos, more.
  • Bulk Activities - add/update large numbers of contacts, export contacts to file, clear list memberships using asynchronous batch jobs.

Endpoints, methods and privileges

The tables below show the endpoint-specific path that completes the URI for each endpoint. The links take you to the documentation for that endpoint and method.

Base URL

The base URL for all API endpoints is https://api.constantcontact.com/v2 unless otherwise noted by a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). The tables below show the path that completes the URI for each endpoint.


Each endpoint, unless noted by N/A, has one or more privileges that are required for access. Privileges are part of the Constant Contact User Roles feature that allows an account owner to create multiple users for their account. Each user is assigned a role that defines their access to specific functionality. Learn more about User Roles here.

To ...
Get all privileges for a user /account/user/privileges N/A

Account management

Account Management endpoints allow only approved partners who are selling the ToolKit product suite (and not our Standalone Products) to provision and manage Constant Contact accounts for users as part of their integration. 

To... Privileges
Create a new account /partner/accounts N/A
Get, update, or cancel an account's billing plan /partner/accounts/{accountId}/plan N/A

Partner Webhooks

The Partner Webhooks endpoints allow only approved partners who are selling the ToolKit product suite to create and manage subscriptions to receive notifications when billing tiers change for accounts under the partnership.

To... Privileges
See all available webhook subscriptions /webhooks/partner/topics N/A
Get, create, or remove a topic subscription /webhooks/partner/topics/{topicID} N/A

Account services

The Account Services endpoints allow Constant Contact account owners to view and update information associated with their account. 

To... Privileges
Get all or add an account email address  /account/verifiedemailaddresses account:read
Get the account information /account/info account:read
Update the account information /account/info account:update

Contact Management

Contacts are the people and businesses that Constant Contact users reach out to. Constant Contact users can have hundreds and thousands of contacts, which they manage individually and in groups. 


Access contact collections and individual contacts using these endpoints.

To... Privileges
Get all contacts or add a contact in the user's account /contacts contacts:read
Get, update, or delete a specific contact  /contacts/{contactId} contacts:read

Contact Lists

Contact Lists are collections of contacts used to distribute email and other campaigns. The Contact List endpoints provides access to view, update, create, and delete Contact Lists in a user's account.

To... Priviliges
Get all contact lists or create a new list /lists contacts:lists:read
Get, update, or delete a specific contact list /lists/{listId} contacts:lists:read
Get a list of all contacts in a list /lists/{listId}/contacts contacts:read AND contacts:lists:read

Contact Tracking

The Contact Tracking endpoints access all campaign activities by a contact including bounces, link clicks, message forwards, opens, and a list of all email campaigns sent to the contact.

Get all tracking activities for a contact /contacts/{contactId}/tracking contacts:read
Get activities sorted by email campaign /contacts/{contactId}/tracking/reports/summaryByCampaign contacts:read
Get all bounce activities for a contact /contacts/{contactId}/tracking/bounces contacts:read
Get all click activities for a contact /contacts/{contactId}/tracking/clicks contacts:read
Get forward activities for a contact /contacts/{contactId}/tracking/forwards contacts:read
Get open activities for a contact /contacts/{contactId}/tracking/opens contacts:read
Get send activities for a contact /contacts/{contactId}/tracking/sends contacts:read
Get all tracking data for a contact /contacts/{contactId}/tracking/summary contacts:read

Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign messages are used by Constant Contact users to stay in touch with their contacts and to send messages and offers out to them. The Email Campaign endpoints provide access to view, create, edit, and delete email campaigns in a user's account.

Email Campaigns

To... Privileges
Get all campaigns, create a new campaign


Get, update, or delete a specific campaign /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaign-id} campaign:read

Email Campaign Test Send and Preview

Constant Contact users can both preview campaigns, and send test emails to as many as five recipients to see how the message will look, and get feedback prior to sending it to complete list. 

To... Privileges
Test an email campaign message by sending it to a limited number of recipients /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tests campaign:send
See the preview of an email campaign /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/preview

Email Campaign Scheduling

Create an email campaign schedule to specify when an email campaign will be sent out to the specified contact list(s). Use the Email Campaign Scheduling endpoints to view, create, edit, and delete email campaign schedules.

Get or create a campaign schedule /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/schedules campaign:read
Get, update, or delete a campaign schedule /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/schedules/{scheduleId} campaign:read

Email Campaign Tracking

The Email Campaign Tracking endpoints are used to view tracking statistics for email campaigns that have been sent. It provides view access to the following statistics: click, open, email bounces, unsubscribe or opt-out, forward and send activities. 

To... Privileges
Get all email bounce activities /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/bounces contacts:read
Get all unique click activities /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/clicks contacts:read
Get all forwarding activities /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/forwards contacts:read
Get all email open activities /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/opens contacts:read
Get all the contacts to whom a campaign was sent  /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/sends contacts:read
Get a summary of all tracking data /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/summary campaign:read
Get all the opt-out activities /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/unsubscribes contacts:read
Get all unique click activities for a link /emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tracking/clicks/{linkId} contacts:read

Event Management

Use the Events endpoints to view, create, edit, and delete events and their sub-resources, including registrants, fees, and more.

To... Privileges
Get all events or create a new event /eventspot/events campaign:list
Get, update, publish or cancel an existing event /eventspot/events/{eventId} campaign:read
Get all fees, or create a fee for an exisitng event /eventspot/events/{eventId}/fees campaign:read
Get, update, or delete a specific fee for an event /eventspot/events/{eventId}/fees/{feeId} campaign:read
Get all promocodes or create a new promocode for an event /eventspot/events/{event_id}/promocodes campaign:read
Get, update, or delete an existing event Promocode /v2/eventspot/events/{event_id}/promocodes/{promocodeId} campaign:read
Get, update, or delete an event item /eventspot/events/{eventId}/items/{itemId} campaign:read
Get all items or create a new item /eventspot/events/{eventId}/items campaign:read
Get all or create a new item attribute /eventspot/events/{eventId}/items/{itemId}/attributes campaign:read
Get, update, or delete an item attribute /eventspot/events/{eventId}/items/{itemId}/attributes/{attributeId} campaign:read
Get all registrants for an event /eventspot/events/{eventId}/registrants contacts:read
Get a specific registrant /eventspot/events/{eventId}/registrants/{registrantId} contacts:read

Library Folders

Create, delete, update, and view Library folders. Constant Contact users store and manage their images and documents used to create campaign content in the Library. 

To... Privileges
Get a report showing storage usage and file information /library/info N/A
Get a list of all folders, or create a new folder /library/folders mylibrary:folder:read
Get, update, or delete a folder /library/folders/{folderId} mylibrary:folder:read
Get or delete all files in the Trash folder /library/folders/trash/files mylibrary:file:read

Library Files

Add, delete, update, and view Library files.

To... Privileges
Get all files, or add a new file /library/files mylibrary:file:read
Get all files in a specific folder /library/folders/{folderId}/files mylibrary:file:read
Get, update, or delete a file /library/files/{fileId} mylibrary:file:read
Get status on one or more file uploads /library/files/uploadstatus/{fileId1,fileId2,fileIdn} mylibrary:file:read
Move a file /library/folders/{folderId}/files mylibrary:file:update

Bulk Activities

The Bulk Activities endpoints allow you to create asynchronous jobs to add, remove, update, import, and export large numbers of contacts in a single API call and to get activity statuses.

To... Privileges
Add or update up to 20,000 contacts (or 4 MB max JSON payload) /activities/addcontacts
Remove multiple contacts from one or more contact lists /activities/removefromlists
Clear all contacts from one or more contact lists /activities/clearlists
Export all contacts from a contact list to a file /activities/exportcontacts contacts:write
Get a report of the last 50 activities /activities contacts:read OR 
Get a report for a specific activity /activities/{activityId}
contacts:read OR