Our v3 API is now available! Learn more by visiting the v3 developer portal.

Get Started with the Constant Contact v2 API

Ready to start integrating with Constant Contact? We've made it easy for you to get started in just a few short steps. We leverage Mashery's robust API management platform to deliver a development experience that gives you the information and tools you need to quickly get your apps integrated with Constant Contact.

  1. Set up (or log into) your Mashery developer account.

  2. Create a new application and Get an API key (aka client ID) to start integrating with us.

    • Store your API Key. You can always go back later to change and view your application settings.
    • Your API Key will identify your application, and can be used for any number of Constant Contact accounts.

  3. Start your integration!

    • Create an access token that authorizes access to a Constant Contact account by clicking the "Get Access Token" button here. You can do this for an existing account, or create a new trial account for development purposes.
    • Make API calls using our API Tester.
    • Get all of the support you need: visit our Libraries for example code and view our API documentation

  4. Share your app with the world - Become a Technology Partner and publish your integration in our MarketPlace.