Our v3 API is now available! Learn more by visiting the v3 developer portal. Creating new v2 API keys is no longer supported.

Using the Library Endpoints

Library is where Constant Contact users upload, store, edit and manage files within Constant Contact. 

Library features

  • Delete images and documents
  • Select from over 4,000 images for purchase or free download in the Stock Image Gallery to include in emails, events, or surveys
  • Batch upload multiple files.
  • Search, sort, and filter images by name, source, date, folder, and type.
  • Manage files within folders.

Library summary report

A detailed usage report endpoint provides a user's Library usage information, including:

  • The Root URL of the image hosting server
  • Total disk space provisioned to the account, and space remaining
  • Number of documents stored, and the amount of disk space used
  • Number of images stored, and the amount of disk space used

Library folders

Use Library folder endpoints to:

Library files

Use the MyLibrary file endpoints to: